This website will be progressively updated as the final outcome of the election of 2 July is known, and as the 45th Parliament meets.


Get involved

Parliament NOW [PDF 1.1Mb, 10 pages]

Laws made by the federal parliament affect your life. Decisions made by the government can be influenced by debate in the Parliament. Have your say in the process through:


You can help a committee to investigate a bill or issue by writing a submission or attending a public hearing. Find out more about how to contribute at the Senate Committees or House of Representatives Committees pages.

Contacting your member or senator

Write or contact your member or a senator from your state/ territory or local electorate. Find them at:

Many parliamentarians also use social networking like Twitter and Facebook to stay in contact with the public.


A petition is a document presented to Parliament by a group of people asking the Parliament to take action on a particular issue. By starting or signing a petition, you can influence decisions made by Parliament. Find out more about submitting a petition to Parliament at:
House of Representatives Petitions or
Senate Petitions.


Australian citizens aged 18 years or over are required to vote at federal elections. When you vote, you are expressing your views by choosing which people you want to represent you in Parliament. For more information about voting go the Australian Electoral Commission.