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Customised programs

In addition to the role-play program at Australia’s Parliament House (APH), we conduct customised programs to match the experience, interests and needs of specific groups, including:

Parliament Alive

This is an outreach program for primary and secondary students. Run in partnership with members of parliament, the program takes the PEO role-play to schools across Australia. Each year the PEO selects a limited number of outreach programs, usually targeting schools in regions which have difficulty making an excursion to Canberra.

Rotary Adventure in Citizenship (RAIC)

An annual week-long program in Canberra in Budget week, hosted by Rotary for year 11 students from around Australia. As well as visiting other cultural institutions, a large part of the program is facilitated by our educators at Parliament House and includes role-play, guest speakers and parliamentary chamber visits. Students also have the opportunity to meet their federal member of parliament.


National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)

A program held in Canberra each January for year 11 students from around Australia, with an interest in science, engineering or technology. The PEO runs role-plays that explore the link between science and the parliamentary process.


Reserve Bank of Australia Hearing

We facilitate the attendance of senior secondary students at the Reserve Bank Hearings, held twice a year in various capital cities. Most suitable for economics students.

Tertiary student groups

This program works with pre-service teachers to assist them in developing strategies for teaching about the four functions of Parliament in practical and engaging ways. The program can also be tailored for students in other courses, and developed to satisfy individual course requirements. Workshops include hands-on learning experiences about the law-making process and may include information about:

  • process of law-making
  • role of a parliamentary committee of inquiry
  • importance and value of being informed and involved in the Parliament.


More information

For more information or to request a customised program, please contact the PEO.

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