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Role-play program

The Parliamentary Education Office (PEO) has been delivering its role-play program at Australia’s Parliament House (APH) since 1988. Each year over 90 000 students participate in our program and we have taught over 1 765 000 students in total.

PEO Education Centre

Students in the Education Centre at Australia's Parliament House

PEO Education Centre

PEO Education Centre

About the role-play

Our role-play gives students from all over Australia the opportunity to experience what it's like to be a member of parliament or an officer working in the federal Parliament.

The role-play explores the four main functions of the Parliament:

  • making and changing federal laws
  • representing the people of Australia
  • providing a place where the government is formed
  • keeping a check on the work of the government.

The role-play is facilitated by an experienced educator and takes place in a simulated parliamentary setting, complete with costumes and props.

The PEO will make every effort to accommodate students with special needs. Prior negotiations with our office would be appreciated.

Watch the role-play in action

This video features Year 6 students from Trinity Christian School taking part in a role-play at Australia's Parliament House.

Video duration: 1 min 34 sec

Full information and transcript for this video

Please note: not all classes are held in the Education Centre

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