portrait of Angela


Before joining the PEO in 2017, Angela led the education and public programs teams at the National Museum of Australia. She also has many years experience teaching and working in theatre. She is passionate about designing and delivering programs that make culture, history and democracy accessible for citizens. Angela is interested in the evolving nature of pedagogy and learning, and how cultural and government institutions can engage audiences in conversations about civics and citizenship. She is very excited to contribute to the valuable and excellent work the PEO delivers.

portrait of Amanda

Education Manager

Amanda joined the PEO in December 2017. Formerly the Manager of Learning at the National Museum of Australia (NMA), Amanda has held education and outreach roles with the High Court of Australia, National Library of Australia and the National Film and Sound Archive, and has taught in several Queensland high schools. Amanda has led an extensive range of initiatives to strengthen engagement with schools, students and teachers across Australia, and has particular interest in teacher professional development, video conferencing and the development of digital resources.


portrait of Jodie

Office Manager

Jodie joined the PEO in 1998, fulfilling a long held ambition to work at Parliament House. Jodie looks after the day to day finance, travel and administrative matters of the office and enjoys taking calls from the many students and teachers around Australia who need help with homework or teaching about Parliament. Jodie loves working in the PEO and lists some of her highlights as the Parliament of Wizards production, meeting Gough Whitlam at the Separation of Powers Forum and the launch of the online video project. She thinks there's no better place to work!

portrait of Judy

Education Centre Coordinator

Judy is responsible for coordinating the PEO's education programs, scheduling the role-play timetable and looking after the general needs of the office. Her background includes administration and financial services and she is thrilled to be able to put these skills into practice for the PEO. Judy loves working with students and enjoys the friendly and fun experience of the PEO.

Project Managers

portrait of Seona

Project Manager

Seona joined the PEO with a background in exhibitions, events, outreach and education. She is particularly interested in using technology to engage secondary students and adults, as well as primary school students, with Australia’s parliamentary system and how it affects their lives. Seona believes it is a privilege to work in such a great building and have the opportunity to observe the workings of Parliament up close.

portrait of Sascha

Parliamentary Education and Liaison Officer

With experience working in both Old Parliament House and Australian Parliament House, Sascha has a passion for politics and history. She loves talking to students from all over Australia who visit Parliament House and making politics accessible, relevant and interesting to them. Sascha sees students stepping up and engaging in learning about our parliament as inspiring and important work, and loves being a part of the PEO team.

portrait of Jason

Parliamentary Education Support and Liaison Officer [on extended leave until December 2019]

Working at Parliament House as an Educator is a real buzz for Jason. He has worked with youth for many years as a secondary teacher in Queensland and the UK and in a variety of roles with marginalised youth. He has also worked on youth and education policy and programs for the government and non-government sectors. A passionate advocate of social justice, Jason considers Parliament House the perfect place to 'raise your voice and be heard'. He hopes to encourage young people to get involved and make a difference.

Parliamentary Educators

portrait of Anne

Parliamentary Educator

Anne worked in legal drafting and as a primary school teacher before joining the PEO in 2002. Anne has worked on many PEO programs and resources, and really enjoys this creative process. She also loves engaging with students and teachers at Parliament House and across Australia, helping them to understand their connection to Parliament, its role in our democracy and the importance of getting involved in many different ways. Anne thinks Parliament House is an exciting place to work, especially when important national issues are being debated and resolved.

portrait of Andrew

Parliamentary Educator

Since leaving the classroom in 2003, Andrew has been teaching, travelling and producing written and on-line resources for the PEO. Andrew has experience as a teacher of English, ESL, media and music and has used this experience when preparing and delivering programs and resources for the PEO. Some of Andrew’s favourite projects have involved developing interactives for the office’s website, travelling to universities and schools around Australia and writing scripts for classes to role-play. Andrew greatly enjoys the ongoing challenge of finding new ways to help students to connect with the Parliament.

portrait of Rick

Parliamentary Educator

Rick started at the PEO in 2013 after many years of experience working with young people and encouraging them to discover more about civics and citizenship. He has taught English, History and Religious Education at secondary schools in both Canberra and regional New South Wales. Before the PEO, Rick satisfied his ‘election tragic’ nature by working as an electoral educator, staff trainer and assistant manager with the Australian Electoral Commission. Rick loves meeting school groups from around Australia and assisting them to experience parliament in action. 

portrait of Sarah

Parliamentary Educator

Sarah joined the PEO in 2012 as a Casual Educator. Originally trained to teach English and Studies of Society and the Environment, her love of Civics and Citizenship grew out of an early passion for History. She loves seeing students engage in the serious yet fun debates in the Education Centre.

portrait of Lara

Parliamentary Educator

Originally trained as a science communicator and science teacher, Lara joined the PEO in 2018 looking for a new and exciting challenge. She worked with Questacon, The National Science and Technology Centre for over 7 years in a variety of roles presenting science shows, hands-on workshops and most recently coordinating a range of outreach programs including video conferencing and teacher professional learning. Lara is extremely passionate about education and communication (and dogs).

Casual Parliamentary Educators

portrait of Penny

Parliamentary Educator

Having failed Retirement 101, Penny started with the PEO in August 2010 as a Casual Educator. Previously she was an Executive Teacher with the NSW and ACT Departments of Education, teaching Art to students at high school and college level. She then followed 27 years of teaching by working as the Public Programs Officer for Canberra Museum and Gallery, and then as an Assistant Adviser for the Speaker of the House, Harry Jenkins MP, in the 42nd Parliament.

portrait of Di

Parliamentary Educator

Di was a Year 5/6 teacher in the ACT until she joined the PEO in 2009. During her time in the classroom Di rated units of work related to Australia’s Parliament as some of the most interesting to teach. She was always excited to hear students begin to ‘buzz’ about a topic they had decided was going to be boring! Di enjoys sharing her day with students and teachers from all around Australia as they participate in the PEO role-play program.

portrait of Diane

Parliamentary Educator

It doesn’t get much better for Diane than being able to combine her two favourite things - education and politics - as a Casual Educator. After teaching English in a Japanese High School, Diane worked as a Parliamentary Guide, an Australian Electoral Commission Educator and at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House. She still loves the atmosphere in the building on a sitting day and the fact that Australia’s students are welcome to view the action in the biggest house in the country.

portrait of Shane

Parliamentary Educator

Shane joined the PEO team in August 2012 and combines his role as a Casual Educator with that of a Parliamentary Guide. Shane has worked as a teacher of English, Japanese and Religious Education to primary, secondary and tertiary students at schools in both Japan and Australia. He has also worked in Education and Public Program roles at the Embassy of Japan, Charles Sturt University, the Electoral Education Centre and Old Parliament House – all in Canberra. Shane loves helping people feel more at home in, and more knowledgeable about, their House – Parliament House.

portrait of Monique

Parliamentary Educator

In 1996, Monique moved to Australia from the Netherlands, where she worked in customer service and public relations. Once posted to Canberra, Monique has worked as a guide at Parliament House for the past 7 years. Having thoroughly enjoyed educating more than 100,000 students and visitors about the Australian Parliament, as well as having home-schooled her daughter during an overseas posting, it was the next logical step to join the PEO. Besides bees and history, Monique is passionate about Parliament House, the work of the Parliament and helping to build the next generation of active and engaged Australian citizens.

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