Daily Program
(see also Order of Business)
The daily agenda showing items of business expected to be dealt with in the House of Representatives.
A situation in which the House of Representatives and the Senate disagree over the words in a bill.
A formal discussion on a bill or other topic in which different views are expressed.
delegated legislation
(see secondary legislation)
deliberative vote
(see also casting vote)
The ordinary vote of a member of parliament, as opposed to the casting (or deciding) vote.
Despatch Boxes
Two wooden chests on the central table of the House of Representatives, from which the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, ministers and shadow ministers make their speeches.
(see also double dissolution)
The act of closing the House of Representatives prior to calling a federal election.
A formal recorded vote in which members of parliament move to either side of the chamber to show whether they are voting for or against a proposal.
division bells
Electronic bells that ring throughout Parliament House to call members of parliament to the chambers.
Dorothy Dix question or Dorothy Dixer
A pre-arranged question asked by a government backbencher to a minister in Question Time, which allows the minister to give a prepared reply.
double dissolution
(see also dissolution)
The dissolution of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, in order for a federal election to take place; this can occur to resolve a deadlock between the two houses.

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