A way to immediately close down one member of parliament's comments in a parliamentary debate.
general business
(see also private members’ business)
Business introduced into the Senate by a senator who is not a minister.
The act of governing and the exercise of authority.
A system of rule in a state or country; in the Australian Parliament it refers to the party, or coalition of parties, with the support of the majority of members in the House of Representatives.
government business
Business introduced into the House of Representatives or the Senate by a minister.
government department
A group of public servants who give advice to the minister in charge of their department and under the direction of the minister, carry out the decisions of the government, provide government services to the public, and put laws into action.
The Queen’s representative in each state of Australia.
The Queen’s representative in Australia.
grievance debate
(see also senators’ statements)
A weekly discussion in the House of Representatives in which a member may speak on any matter of concern to them or their constituents.
A time limit imposed on discussion of a bill.

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