To present a document or object to the House of Representatives or the Senate, to be included in the records of the Parliament.
An amount charged by a government on items such as wages, or goods and services, to provide money for government services.
temporary order
(see also sessional order)
A temporary rule used to manage the work of the Senate which may, after a trial period, be adopted as a permanent rule.
terms of reference
The description of the reason for a parliamentary committee of inquiry.
A region created by the Commonwealth of Australia with certain law-making powers.
territory government
The level of government that puts territory law into action, delivers government services and makes decisions on behalf of the people of that territory.
territory parliament
Elected representatives who make territory laws.
third reading
The third stage of a bill’s passage through the Parliament, in which members of parliament vote on the bill in its final form.
The minister responsible for the government’s economic and financial policy, including how the government will collect and spend money to run the country.

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