Role-play the Parliament – The role-play in action

Video duration: 1 min 34


A group of students arrive at Australia’s Parliament House to take part in a parliamentary role-play. Facilitated by a Parliamentary Educator, this takes place in a simulated parliamentary setting complete with costumes and props.

Clerk of the House of Representatives: Honourable Members, please stand.

Serjeant-at-arms: Honourable Members, the Speaker.

The Speaker: I call the Member for Bass.

Member for Bass (reading from a script): Madam Speaker, I think this bill needs to be changed. Rather than banning all animal acts in circuses, I propose that only animals which are on the endangered species list are to be banned.

Shadow Minister for the Arts (reading from a script): Madam Speaker, I am going to vote against the bill. This bill is a waste of time.

The Speaker: Division is required. Clerk, ring the bell.

Students flip the cushions on their seats, changing them from green to red, to signify the Australian Senate.

Clerk of the Senate: Honourable Senators, please stand.

The President: The Senate is now in session. I call Senator Liddell.

Senator Liddell: Mr President, all animals are unique in their own way. Do we really need to dress them up in human clothes and make them do human things to truly respect them for what they are?

Senator Mustard: Mr President, I don’t think that the government side has thought this through. The animals have talent.

Parliamentary educator: That was a brilliant role-play. Everyone sit yourselves back down, give yourselves a clap.



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