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Parliament in Pictures

This set of 10 posters and a classroom guide is an introduction to the federal Parliament.

Parliament in Pictures can be used by students of all ages and language abilities, and is suitable for ESL students.

The posters explore the following topics:

  • Three Levels of Law-making
  • The Federal Parliament
  • The House of Representatives
  • The Senate
  • Choosing Members
  • Choosing Senators
  • Forming Federal Government
  • Making Federal Law
  • Separation of Powers
  • The Australian Constitution

The classroom guide contains additional information that teachers can use in conjunction with the posters. It includes activities to stimulate classroom discussion and extend learning, as well as links to more resources.


How to order

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  • Per copy: $20.00 (GST inclusive)
  • Price includes postage

Order form: Parliament in Pictures [PDF 186kb, 1 page]

If you would like more information about Parliament in Pictures or how to order the resource, please contact the PEO.