Teacher professional learning program

Discover ways to make civics and citizenship more dynamic, relevant and memorable for your students.

The Parliamentary Education Office (PEO) offers free professional learning programs for teachers of Years 5–12 students. PEO programs are designed to support teachers in their delivery of the Australian Civics and Citizenship Curriculum.  Our programs are also aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, with our video conferencing program for primary teachers accredited by the ACT Teacher Quality Institute.

Program details
Audience Pre-service, graduate and proficient 
Duration 2 hours
Group size Minimum 5 attendees, maximum 40 attendees
Availability At a time that suits your professional learning schedule
Delivery mode Via video conferencing or on-site at Australia’s Parliament House
Program information

Professional learning exploring Australia’s system of government, including Federation, the Constitution, law-making, scrutiny and the formation of government.

Experiential learning as a pedagogical tool in civics and citizenship education, including approaches and resources for primary and secondary students.

Methods of adapting these resources and strategies to different teaching environments, curriculum and student needs.

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers outcomes

Professional Knowledge:

  • Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area 2.1
  • Content selection and organisation 2.2.2

Professional Practice:

  • Use teaching strategies 3.3
  • Select and use resources 3.4

Professional Engagement:

  • Engage in professional learning and improve practice 6.2
  • Engage with colleagues and improve practice 6.3


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