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The PEO video conference program brings the Parliament into your classroom, letting students talk to experts and have a hands-on experience of how Parliament works to make Australia a better place to live. It is an ideal way to build on the civics and citizenship studies your students are currently undertaking.

Our program explores the function, purpose and value of Australia's democratic system of government. It does this through investigating:

  • How laws are made through Parliament
  • The responsibilities of representatives
  • The formation of government
  • How government is kept accountable
Program details
Year levels 5 to 12
Groups size 35 maximum
Duration 30-60 minutes
Availability Monday – Friday
9am to 4pm
Video Conferencing system/platform Cisco Bridge compatible

Program choices

The PEO can adapt these programs to suit your students' learning needs, or can facilitate bespoke programs as required.

 Parliament in the classroomConnect with the experts
 Two sessionsOne session
Summary During the first session, students explore representation, including why and how people are elected to Parliament. In the second session, students become members of parliament, and are given the responsibility to debate and decide on a law for their community and Australia as a whole.

Go beyond the nightly news to discover the who, what, how and why of the Australian Parliament.

During the program, students work with our highly experienced Parliamentary Educators to understand the work of the Australian Parliament.


To develop students' understanding of:

  • How members of parliament represent their community
  • How members of parliament raise issues in the parliament
  • How the parliament makes decisions for Australia
To support and further develop students' understanding of the work of the Australian Parliament in line with the Australian Curriculum and your class program.

Adaptable to other year levels

Pre-program requirements? no To be discussed with the class teacher.
Australian civics and citizenship curriculum links

Year 5

Year 6

After discussions with the class teacher, the program may link to:

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Source: Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), downloaded from the Australian Curriculum website on 5/10/17 (curriculum version 8.3)

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