PEO resources

Our resources explore the major parliamentary concepts of representation, law-making, formation of government and accountability through play, inquiry, simulation and immersion in the real thing.


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Chatterboxes preview


PDF templates

These printable chatterboxes feature questions and answers about parliamentary processes and the history of Parliament. There are also blank templates for writing your own questions.

Get Parliament preview

Get Parliament

A4 booklet

This comprehensive booklet explores Australia's system of government and how Parliament works.

Online version

Get Parliament online features additional information sections and deeper explorations of key topics through videos, links and activity sheets.

Parliament in Pictures preview

Parliament in Pictures

10 A2 posters

These posters illustrate key parliamentary concepts using photographs, graphics and accessible language.

Classroom guide

This guide has additional information and activities to use in conjunction with the posters.

PEO democracy poster preview

PEO democracy poster

A2 poster

Start a conversation about democracy in your classroom with our free poster.

Posters of the chambers preview

Posters of the chambers

A2 posters

A set of posters showing the House of Representatives and Senate chambers.

Printed Pocket Constitution preview

Printed Pocket Constitution

A6 booklet

A pocket-sized edition of Australia's Constitution, published jointly by the PEO and the Australian Government Solicitor (AGS). It includes an informative summary by the AGS.

Teaching civics and citizenship: a classroom guide preview

Teaching civics and citizenship: a classroom guide

A4 booklet

Make civics and citizenship learning dynamic, relevant and deeply memorable with these classroom activities.