Links for Australian Curriculum – Links for Australian History Curriculum

PEO resources to help meet the requirements of the history curriculum are listed below under the year level and curriculum content descriptions they fit with.

Fact sheets

Key topic information

For teachers or students

Closer look

Detailed topic exploration

For teachers or secondary students


Short videos about Parliament

For use on individual devices, computers or interactive whiteboards

PEO Sub-sites

Additional educational websites created by the PEO

For teachers or students


Humanities and social sciences (HASS) curriculum

Key figures, events and ideas that led to Australia’s Federation and Constitution (ACHASSK134)


Australia and Asia depth study: Making a Nation

Key people, events and ideas in the development of Australian self-government and democracy, including, the role of founders, key features of constitutional development, the importance of British and Western influences in the formation of Australia’s system of government and women's voting rights (ACDSEH091)

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