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Deficit levy passes Senate

The Senate has agreed to a bill that will help reduce government debt by introducing a temporary levy, or tax, on high income earners. The Tax Laws Amendment (Temporary Budget Repair Levy) Bill... View the full article...

Senators retire

Twelve senators completed their term in office and retired on 30 June. Among them was the President of the Senate, Senator the Hon John Hogg, who has represented Queensland in the chamber since... View the full article...

Valedictory speeches

As is tradition, retiring senators made valedictory, or farewell, speeches in the chamber. Rather than give a valedictory speech, Senator the Hon John Hogg made a final statement. He described it... View the full article...

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The phrase 'Washminster' has been used to describe our system of governance, as it blends features of the British Parliament and US federal model.

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