What we do

The Parliamentary Education Office (PEO) delivers parliamentary education services to teachers, students and other learners across Australia.

The PEO empowers Australian citizens to actively engage with their federal Parliament through the delivery of a wide range of relevant and accessible programs and resources. These include:

  • experiential learning programs that enable students and teachers to understand the work of the Parliament;
  • a website with parliamentary news and information materials – including fact sheets, videos and publications – about key parliamentary topics, including representation, law-making, the separation of powers and responsible government; and
  • teaching resources covering key concepts about the Australian Parliament, including units of work addressing the Australian Civics and Citizenship Curriculum.

To date, almost two million primary and secondary students have participated in a PEO program, building and expanding their knowledge of the role and function of the Australian Parliament.

PEO staff are highly skilled education specialists with comprehensive knowledge of the Australian Curriculum and extensive classroom experience. Visit the Staff page to learn more about our committed parliamentary educators.


The PEO is jointly funded by the Department of the Senate and the Department of the House of Representatives, and provides whole-of-parliament education services and support.

Detailed information about the activities and achievements of the PEO can be found in the Department of the Senate’s Annual Report.

Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities in the PEO are advertised on the Parliament of Australia website.

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