Closer Look

Discover Australia's Parliament through a detailed exploration of how it works, its structure and origins, and the people and events that have shaped Australia's system of governance.

Closer Look is intended for secondary school students and may also be suitable for primary students.


  • View The Australian Constitution

    The Australian Constitution

    Uncover the set of rules by which Australia is run. The Australian Constitution affects our everyday lives; it is the foundation for all laws and details how Australia is governed.
  • View Governing Australia: three levels of law-making

    Governing Australia: three levels of law-making

    Explore the power-sharing arrangement between the three levels of Australian government – federal, state/territory and local – and the responsibilities of each.
  • View A short history of Parliament

    A short history of Parliament

    Australia's Parliament is based on practices and ideals developed by parliaments from other countries and in other centuries. This paper reveals how parliaments have evolved to represent the people.
  • View Parliament vs Congress

    Parliament vs Congress

    Compare the parliaments of Australia and the United States to discover the similarities and differences between the two federal political systems.
  • View Australia's Parliament House

    Australia's Parliament House

    Tour Parliament House, a symbol of Australia's democracy and unity as a nation. It is a uniquely Australian building visited by almost a million people each year.
  • View Federation


    On 1 January 1901 six British colonies united to become Australia. Discover the reasons for federation and how we came to be joined under 'one flag, one destiny'.