This website will be progressively updated as the final outcome of the election of 2 July is known, and as the 45th Parliament meets.


Parliament NOW

Parliament NOW [PDF 1.17Mb, 10 pages]

A double dissolution election was held on 2 July. The result of the election is not yet known and may not be finalised for several days.

The Australian Government continues to work under caretaker conventions. This means that the ordinary business of governing the nation goes on, but the government avoids making major policy decisions or carrying out large projects without consulting the opposition. More information on caretaker conventions can be found here.

Once all votes are counted, the government will be formed by the party or coalition of parties with the support of the majority (more than half) of the 150 members elected to the House of Representatives. The 45th Parliament will then commence with an opening ceremony at Parliament House.


Composition of the 44th Parliament as at 9 May 2016

Composition of the House of Representatives and Senate chambers

Left: Composition of the House of Representatives. Right: Composition of the Senate

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