This website will be progressively updated as the final outcome of the election of 2 July is known, and as the 45th Parliament meets.


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    The Parliament

    Diagrams, logos, flags

    Function, composition, roles, party logos, symbols of Australia

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    Parliament in action

    Photos, diagrams

    Chamber activity, committees, the media, chamber documents

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    The House of Representatives

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    Function, composition, activity, the chamber

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    The Senate

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    Function, composition, activity, the chamber

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    The Government

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    Function, activity

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    Important people

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    The Queen, Governor-General, Prime Minister, government leadership, opposition leadership, the Speaker, the President, paliamentary officers

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    The law

    Photos, diagrams

    Managing law, law-making, types of law, judging law

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    Representing Australia

    Photos, diagrams

    Electorates, electing members and senators, parties, elections

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    Australia's Parliament House

    Photos, diagrams

    The building, floor plan, features

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    Federation, Australian firsts, Prime Ministers