This website will be progressively updated as the final outcome of the election of 2 July is known, and as the 45th Parliament meets.



  • View Links for Australian Curriculum

    Links for Australian Curriculum

    PEO resources which directly meet year 6 to 9 civics and citizenship curriculum.

  • View Units of work

    Units of work

    These units cover aspects of the Australian Civics and Citizenship Curriculum that deal with key concepts relating to Australia's federal Parliament. They include lessons, assessment and marking rubrics.

  • View Role-play lesson plans

    Role-play lesson plans

    These lesson plans use role-play to teach the key functions and concepts relating to Australia's federal Parliament. They have been designed for both primary and secondary school students.

  • View Parliamentary lesson plans

    Parliamentary lesson plans

    The Parliamentary Lesson Plans encourage investigation of parliamentary principles, concepts and processes. They use highly interactive, student-focused activities such as parliamentary role-plays, teamwork, speeches and debate. They are designed to make teaching the core functions of federal Parliament an enjoyable and easy exercise.

  • View Mini role-play lesson plans

    Mini role-play lesson plans

    Explore some of the different ways that members of parliament represent the people and hold the government to account. These mini role-plays provide a quick introduction to the day to day work of the Parliament.